1. Help our clients design and implement innovative Strongly Sustainable Business Models, for example business models that score highly on the B-Labs Benefit Corporation B Impact Assessment.


  1. Help our clients play their part in changing their organizations to create conditions that enable the flourishing of their organizations, the individuals within them, their stakeholders, society and the natural world.

  2. Work with our clients, using the lenses of business models, business process, organization and technology, to help them build plans to successfully enable sustainable outcomes.

  3. Use

  4. BulletThe Flourishing Enterprise Innovation Toolkit, including the Flourishing Business Canvas with our clients to create a plan for the multi-faceted opportunity that is sustainability – social/people, environment/planet, and economic/profit.

  5. BulletSystems thinking approaches.

  6. BulletThe Natural Step Backcasting strategic planning approach.


  1. Any person with desire to learn and lead, to co-create a better future and make a difference.


  1. Strategy: Current Business Model and future Flourishing Business Models

  2. Plan: Business Plan (i.e. Business Model + Financial, Social and Environmental Success Metric Projections, plus an Implementation Plan including Risk Assessment and Mitigation Plan)

  3. Review: Current Situation and Initiatives Assessments


Our services and approach help our clients understand:

  1. Where they are regarding sustainability

  2. The possible opportunities – their benefits and challenges

  3. The steps needed to realize the opportunities

  4. The ways our clients’ employees, customers and suppliers can engage

Our Services

You can learn more about our services for

  1. Better Business here.

  2. Lean for Flourishing Startups here.

We expect and are always happy to discuss your specific needs.   Please contact us.

Our Research

Developing and enhancing our services is a key priority.  Read here for details of our leading edge research program in Strongly Sustainable Business Models started at York University Faculty of Environmental Studies and Schulich School of Business  and continuing in collaboration with members of the Strongly Sustainable Business Model Group (SSBMG) from around the world and OCAD U’s Strategic Innovation Lab (sLab).