Focus on Sustainability

Edward James Consulting* is a new flourishing enterprise design consultancy.  We help our clients take a systemic approach to architecting their response to the multi-faceted opportunity and risks that is sustainability – environment/planet, social/people, economic/profit.


  1. Help our clients, as individuals with leadership roles, play their part in changing their organizations to create conditions that enable the flourishing of their organizations, the individuals within them, their stakeholders, society and the natural world.

  2. Work with our clients, using the lenses of business models, business process, organization and technology, to help them build plans to successfully enable sustainable outcomes.

We help our clients understand:

  1. Where they are regarding sustainability

  2. The possible opportunities – their benefits and challenges

  3. The steps needed to realize the opportunities

  4. The ways our clients’ employees, customers and suppliers can engage

  5. *In a nod to the intergenerational nature of sustainability the firm is named after the founder’s paternal and maternal grandfathers (Edward F. Upward and James A. Hitchin).  Our logo is the shape formed at the intersection of the nested systems of sustainability:  the environment that wholly contains society, that wholly contains the monetary economy, overlaid with stylized letters e and j.   The colours blue, green, and yellow for water/sky, plants/life and the sun.